Connecting Manufacturers, Suppliers, and People

Connections to Enhance Your Operation
At Arvin Global Solutions (AGS), we hear from many manufacturing companies and here is what they are saying.

The AGS Connect Program

“We’re very busy and we need to find quality suppliers and offload resources.”
“We’re having a difficult time finding qualified people for our workforce.”

Because AGS is committed to responding to the real-world needs of the manufacturing community, we  are pleased to introduce the AGS CONNECT Program.

The AGS Connect Program
Take advantage of the AGS Network for making the important connections with suppliers and people.

Using our extensive AGS Network, we can help manufacturers connect with the suppliers and the people they need. So if you are looking to enhance your operation through new connections with high quality resources, please let us know by contacting Joe Arvin at – or (815) 600-2633.  You can download a copy of our Information Sheet about this service.

You can also use the following form to begin the discussion.

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